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Melton Pistol Club 50th Anniversary Celebration - What an Event !

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

On Saturday 29th Oct Melton Pistol Club celebrated its 50th anniversary, in style at a relaxed event.

It was a great occasion with over 100 people attending, including members, past and present.

As well a number of politicians from various Australian parliaments both local, state and federal areas. Each member of Parliament in their celebration speeches to the gathering detailed their experiences and admiration for the Melton Pistol Club and what it has achieved and done over the last 50 years.

Not many Pistol Clubs in Australia can claim they have been in operation for 50 years.

Just some of the many members past and present whom attended

As stated in the various congratulations speeches on the day, the Melton Pistol Club has achieved a lot in the last 50 years, from upgrading its shooting ranges and facilities for its members. To training and encouraging new members and young people in the local area to undertake and improve their skills in the sport of competition pistol target shooting. As well fostering a fun collegial environment for its members to both socialise and share their challenges and their enjoyment of target pistol shooting.

Club President Spiro Abela & Cr Sophie Ramsey MCC

Dan Repacholi MP – Federal Member for Hunter, Past Member and Olympian.

Sam Rae MP – Federal Member for Hawke

Steve McGhie MP – State Member for Melton

Graham Watt – Liberal Candidate for Melton

The club provided plenty of food on the day, and no one left feeling hungry, with the celebration festivities ending with the cutting of two huge cakes. These cakes were specially decorated to celebrate this special event of the clubs 50th anniversary occasion.

Senthil & Son looking after the BBQ of chicken wings, with Frank

Annie & Damir enjoying the great food the club provided on the day

John & Cr Sophie Ramsey getting very friendly on the day

The two huge cakes to put a sweet ending to the days celebrations

A huge congratulations and thank you to all involved and to those whom attended this special event of the clubs 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Smiles all around at the 50th Anniversary Event

As the Club Secretary Neil Stewart looks after some of the VIPs

Damir & John maintaining the high dress code on the day

Just some of the VIPs who attended on the day, plus some of the clubs oldest members Neil & John

Special mentions must go to the following members (and we apologise if we have left anyone out) whom put in so much effort in to make the day a great event:

· Senthil, Darryl P, Manny E, Spiro A for their efforts in doing all the cooking.

· Daniel H for organising the sausages.

· Dennis S and Peter B for running the bar.

· John M for making sure the snacks were distributed around the room.

· Russell J for organising the drinks to stock the bar.

· Silvano C, Darryl P, Daryl B, Sam F, Mike E, Russell J for the clean up prior to the BBQ.

· Sam F for arranging the sound system & music.

· Sajj K, Alex L, Kirsty L, John P for all their help.

Once again, congratulations to all involved.


Committee of Management

Melton Pistol Club

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