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The Club was established on 19 April 1972. The Range Site was Approved: 24 August 1972.


Melton Pistol Club was established in 1972, by some gentlemen who enjoyed the sport of target shooting and wanted a challenge for their talent, pistol shooting did this. 


Initially there were three members, but this grew very rapidly. We currently have approximately 135 members including women, and juniors (over the age of 12 and accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian), from all walks of life.


The land the Melton Pistol Club occupies was originally farmland that was gifted by Jack Hurley, a local and distinguished farmer in the area. Since the club’s humble beginnings back in 1972 it has grown to be one of the largest pistol clubs in Victoria.


From our earliest days of shooting in an open-air facility, members have made extensive improvements to the site with the construction of club rooms, covered ranges, toilets, fencing, water storage and signage around the perimeter fencing.


The club has always been financially independent. The then Shire of Melton, now City of Melton council proposed that the facility was to be relocated several times but feasibility studies showed that it would be too expensive to uproot the club to a new location, so the administrators of the time decided that the best place for the club was at its present location and a lease was signed by both parties.


In partnership with the City of Melton Council, the Melton Pistol Club has had in excess of $1,500,000 in improvements in the past few years including new clubrooms and 3 indoor ranges.


With regard to public safety, the current laws regarding firearm usage on ranges is quite comprehensive and any breaches are dealt with severely by the police, and the Melton Pistol Club Committee.


As far as safety is concerned the Melton Pistol Club has never had any incident occurring at any stage of the clubs existence. Pistol shooting is one of the safest sports any person can participate in as the regulations regarding the sport are very strict and all safety procedures are adhered to quite strictly.


It is also a sport where a person over the age of 12 years may participate. (Juniors aged between 12 to 18 years of age must be supervised by a handgun-licensed adult and their parent or legal guardian at all times).


Members are required to undertake a club safety course and pass written and practical assessment before they are allowed to handle a firearm and must also pass a police safety course held at the club by our police approved qualified instructors who themselves have had to undergo rigorous training.


The Melton Pistol Club has had many female and junior members throughout its existence and some have represented Victoria in State and National Championships while others have gone on to achieve the ultimate in competition, the Olympic Games.


There are not many sports that cater for the whole family, but Pistol Shooting is one of those sports. The legal minimum age is 12 for juniors, but do not let this deter you from letting them join. Juniors have to develop a high degree of self-discipline and responsibility to earn the trust of fellow club members.


At club level, juniors are not segregated and participate along with mum and dad, and probably even grandpa or grandma. There is no maximum age (we have numerous pensioners in the club, and members in their 80's), and strength and fitness are not an important consideration at club level (there are quite a few disabled shooters).

History of MPC


The purpose of the Melton Pistol Club Code of Conduct is for the protection of all stakeholders in ensuring that every individual is treated with respect, dignity and fairness and assured of their safety by preventing discrimination, harassment, abuse, child abuse and/or any other form(s).


It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to make themselves aware of the provisions of the Code at all time.


It is a requirement that all members of the pistol club and any visitors must adhere to the values contained in this code.


Please click on Link below to download and read
>>> Code of Conduct 

Code of Conduct


While the Club's official address is 362 Clarkes Road, Brookfield (Melton South), you cannot enter the Club from Clarkes Road.

  • Access to the Club is located off Hinkler Crescent, Brookfield.

  • From Coburns Road, turn into James Melrose Drive (opposite the Garden Centre).

  • Continue approx 1.7 km along James Melrose Drive to Hinkler Crescent (first or second entry).

  • Turn right into Hinkler Crescent and as you come to the end you will see an open gate with a gravel driveway leading down the valley to pistol club buildings.

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Location of MPC
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