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Important Health Notice to All Melton Pistol Club Members !

Dear Club Member ​ Pistol shooting is safe and fun sport, however there is a risk that you may be exposing yourself to smoke, gun powder and lead particulars whenever you shoot a firearm. For these reasons, the Melton Pistol Club Committee is recommending the following to all its members:

1. After shooting and before you eat any food or drink or before you leave the range, please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly using the club supplied D-Leading hand-wash solution. There are containers of this D-Leading Solution placed on the wash basins in both the Male and Female toilets and also on the wash basin in the kitchen area. This solution is designed to remove any heavy metal particles or gun powder residue from your hands. You can also purchase bottles of this solution from the club for $10 per bottle.

2. All members should have their blood LEAD levels check at least once a year. This can be arranged with your local GP, and it is a free test covered by Medicare. Just advise your GP you are a member of a pistol club and you can be exposed burnt power and lead particles when shooting and you wish to monitor your blood LEAD levels. The NHMRC recommends that all Australians have a blood lead concentrations below 0.24 umol/L (5ug/dL).

3. Avoid where possible breathing in the dust particulars or disturbing the dust located within the ranges. When sweeping away 22 cartridges we recommend you wear a N95 mask.

If you have any concerns, please discuss these with a member of the Clubs’ Management Committee. It is in all our interests to ensure we all look after our own health and well-being. Being informed of these possible health concerns and how to manage them is the responsibility of all members at the Club. Regards

Committee of Management Melton Pistol Club

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