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Time to say goodbye !

Hi All

It is with a some sadness I need to say goodbye to Melton Pistol Club.

I have enjoyed my time at MPC, meet some Interesting people and made some good friends.

However i joined Melbourne International Shooting Club (MISC) over 12 months ago now, in an effort to get my blood lead levels down. Since I started shooting at MISC my lead levels have dropped from a high of 19.4 to now 8.2. Hopefully over the next 12 x months they will continue to drop and eventually be below the recommended safe level of 5. MISC it is now my main pistol club, it’s only 20 mins from my home and I can shoot there 7 x days a week up till 11pm at night if I wish.

I wished to become an associate member at MPC for the next 6 x months only, to continue to help the club and its committee on the various projects that still need to be completed, but sadly the clubs committee rejected my request for a 6 x month only associate membership.

As such I will be resigning for the clubs committee and MPC effective from today. I leave the club with things hopefully well sorted out with the Victorian Health Department, a good lead management plan in place for all members and visitors and with the tremendous assistance from Daniel a new ventilation system is hopefully well on the way and finally the club can be very proud it has one of the BEST if not the BEST website of any pistol club in Victoria.

I'm sure things will eventually be sorted out with the Melton City Council in terms of the lease renewal.

I have been asked to hand over all the website, emails, oneDrive and whatsapp credentials and passwords etc to MPC President. This has been done today via email, so if you have any issues with these online areas from now on please contact Spiro directly. It may take a week or two to fully move all the account details with 2 X factor authentication etc over to Spiro.

I hope to keep in contact with a few friends from MPC and wish the club and its members great success in the future.


Mark Harris


Melton Pistol Club

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