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Ranges 2 & 3 Re-Open on Saturday 18th March

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Great news we finally have the Health Department approval to re-open Ranges 2 & 3 on

Saturday 18th March. All members are welcome to attend, but ONLY MEMBERS who have completed their Lead Induction Training and have a IND sticker on their VAPA card will be able to

shoot on Ranges 2 & 3.

No IND Sticker - No access to Ranges 2 & 3 - NO EXCEPTION !!!!!!!!!

Under our Stage 1 Restrictions we can only operate on a reduced capacity on Ranges 2 & 3.

A maximum of 8 shooters on Range 2 and a maximum of 6 shooters on Range 3.

Unfortunately we CANNOT shoot Service, Service 25 Yards or WA1500 until the shooting tables have been modified to remove the cloth covering.



Also all members carrying out Ranger Officer Duty, will need to follow the following checklist and sign it to confirm the procedures were checked and carried out correctly. The completed forms should be placed with the match scores sheets in the mail boxes on each range.

And don't forget AFTER each shooting Match, keep your N95 masks ON while you vacuum up your spent 22 LR cases with the new installed vortex vacuum cleaners.

Only then when no one is shooting and the vacuuming is complete can you then TAKE OFF your N95 mask and WASH you face, hands & arms with D-Leading Solution.

Again just a reminder if we DON'T get 6 x volunteers to do the required deep cleaning it is likely the Club will NOT remain open..

So if you are keen to help the club to re-open and also support and assist the club in its future operations to remain open and you are willing and able to work for 2 hrs every 3 x weeks please contact:

Mark Harris

Clubs Webmaster at:

or on the:

Melton Pistol Club Whatsapp group chat.

We need to get these 6 x volunteers organised, training and setup the rotating weekly roster ASAP.

So your urgent attention to this matter would be much appreciated


Committee of Management Melton Pistol Club

Working with the

Victorian Department of Health

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