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Urgent Important Notice to All MPC Members !!!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Dear Members

Recently LRD carried out an inspect and audit of our ranges. Unfortunately, they have identified a number of issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. If these issues are NOT resolved to their satisfaction over the next 6 x months the Club may need to CEASE shooting operations.

To avoid this happening, we will use the upcoming working bees to try fix and resolve the issues that LRD have identified.

For the next working bee to be held on Saturday 19th Feb from 9:30am to 1pm, we need 36 x members to attend and assist with the following 4 x tasks.

  1. Cleaning up and remove unnecessary items from Range 4 - Team Leader - Luke Vella Ph 0416 807 165

  2. Hang Down Range Ceiling Steel sheets - Range 2 - Team Leader - Silvano Circulla Ph 0419 535 371

  3. Fitting New 8mm Steel Plates to Supporting Roof Posts in Range 3 - Team Leader - Clayton Radford Ph 0439 106 319

  4. Cutting New Wooden Backing Boards - Team Leader - Mal Marsland-Kelsey Ph 0409 382 902

Would you please decide which of these 4 x tasks you would be able to assist with and book your name in for that task using our online booking system at:

and select "Online Booking" button

or via Once you have booked your name in, would you then please contact the Team Leader for that task, well before the 19th Feb and discuss what tools or resources you could bring along on the day to assist with that task. All members who are there on the 19th Feb from 9.30 to 1pm and assist with these tasks will be given a free lunch and a drink. If you are unable to make this working bee, would you please make yourself available for the next working bee to be held on the 18th June. We can't stress this enough, if you care for the MPC and wish it to continue its future shooting operations we need as many members as possible to attend and assist with the next few working bees. Many thanks Committee of Management

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