The Future of MELTON PISTOL CLUB Is In Your Hands - Please read this entire Notice !!!!

Dear Club Member,

If you care about the future of the MELTON PISTOL CLUB and wish to ensure you are able to continue to shoot at the club and maintain your Handgun Licence, you need to read this entire email.

Late last year the MELTON PISTOL CLUB was awarded a grant from Melton City Council to develop a Strategic Plan for our Club. A consultant was engaged, and a working party of committee members was formed to attend workshops to develop strategic mapping and objectives.

The MELTON PISTOL CLUB has never had a strategic plan before and we are facing a few challenges at the moment, about our long-term future and ageing infrastructure. These problems can be overcome, but it will take a lot of work, by everyone within the club.

The Strategic Planning workshops were used to define our vision and values for the club, set priorities and goals, establish agreement around envisioned outcomes/results, and assess the club direction. Resulting in five focus areas:

Increasing and Diversifying Revenue

Increase Social and Fun Aspects of the Club

Growing Membership Base (Larger Demographic)

Reforming MELTON PISTOL CLUB Committee Operations and Governance Practices

Training of Members

Please select the link below to download a copy of the MELTON PISTOL CLUB Strategic Plan for you to read.

Final Version Strategic Plan - Melton Pistol Club
Download PDF • 370KB

One of the key recommendations from the plan was the reforming of the MELTON PISTOL CLUB committee, its structure, its operations and governance practices, (see page 11 of the Strategic Plan).

The AGM meeting will be held on the Saturday 25th June 2022 starting at 10.00am.

As a result, from June 25th there will no longer be any ordinary members on the committee. Instead, the working group have created and developed 6 new committee roles, with each role having defined area of responsibility. This new committee structure will ensure each key area of the clubs' operations will have a dedicated person for this role having ownership and responsibility to look after the clubs needs in this area. In addition to the existing Roles of:


Vice President



Club Captain

Assistant Secretary

The 6 new defined roles are:

Membership Officer

Key and Stock Keeper / Bar Manager

Maintenance & Facilities Officer

Grants Officer


Training Officer

We have also added the role of Roster Keeper to the Assistant Secretary duties.

In the next few days you will receive another email containing the Position Descriptions (PDs) for the new Committee Roles. These PDs have been created to provide guidance and what is required for you to successfully perform the role(s), rest assured each of the new roles will be supporting each other if you have apprehensions about applying.

You may want to put together a few words on why you are the better candidate for a role, especially if it falls to a vote. So please put your best foot forward...and put your hand up for a committee role !!

Prior to the AGM, the various position roles with nominated candidate(s) statements will be emailed to all club members, so all members can make an informed decision about who they wish to vote for at the AGM.

This year's AGM will be very different, and it's essential for ALL CLUB MEMBERS attend.

The AGM meeting will be held on the Saturday 25th June 2022 starting at 10.00am.

The Club needs at least one or two people to nominate per role, ideally you will have the desire and willingness to improve the club and the services it offers.

We know each of you have a special affinity with MELTON PISTOL CLUB and your ability to be part of the reformed committee is welcomed and encouraged. The success of the MELTON PISTOL CLUB is in the hands of you - the members of the club.

Again, We can't emphasis enough how important it is for you, as a club member, to come forward, the FUTURE of the MELTON PISTOL CLUB is in YOUR HANDS, so please nominate for a committee role and ensure you TURN UP to the AGM on the Saturday 25th June.

If you have any questions about this new process, the Position Descriptions (PDs), or the nomination forms and candidate statements please contact either the Club Secretary at or the Club President at or the Webmaster at


Committee of Management Melton Pistol Club

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